Google pushes HTTPS for web security

Google has begun adding security warnings for websites that do not use strong encryptions. Google is putting a clear "Not secure" warning next to online websites that use unencrypted HTTP connections rather than encrypted HTTPS connections. This makes it necessary for websites to shift to secured HTTP connections.
Moreover Google is giving priority to secured websites in Google search results and secured connection adds more credibility to your website.

What are the benefits of HTTPS over HTTP?

SSL certificates are used to encrypt the transmitted information to secure identities and financial information over the web. At this time, all websites should have an SSL certificate for data integrity, encryption and authentication, whether it collects private information or not.

Google also loves security and would like to establish secure environment over the internet, therefore Google starts giving ranking advantage in search engine to secure HTTPS websites.

Encryption: Encrypting the transferred data for security
Data Integrity: Data cannot be altered or corrupted during transmission
Authentication: Users are authenticated to communicate with the website