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J4web ensures that your data is secure while backing up and when being stored on our servers. We deploy encryption to protect your data. This includes AES 256-bit encryption, at rest and in transit, as well as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) endpoints. All backups are stored Service data centers that have multiple system security and data protection certifications. We also offer On-premise solutions for those who prefer to have their user’s data in their own data centers.

With Website Backup enjoy automated cloud-based backups and easily restore your site. If your website functionality is damaged, you need a way to recover. Our system ensures you are covered in the event of a critical failure. We help recover file system backed up over FTP/SFTP, MySQL Database auto-detection and more. We also extend 24/7 customer support any issues. The backup service works on any CMS or web host, allowing it to support websites built on any technology. It operates seamlessly in the background, providing continuous backups at whatever frequency is desired.

Automated security solutions for website


Keep your website backed up on servers operated by our security team. As a company known for website security, we take precautions to ensure that your website files and database are safeguarded in a remote location. We offer website security products built to give peace of mind to every website owner. If you need help protecting and monitoring your website we are always ready to help you.

If your site has been generating revenue via content, products, or services, then you run the risk of all of this being lost. If your site is content driven, then you’ll have to create all of this content from scratch. If you run an eCommerce website, you’ll have to completely recreate your product pages, category pages, and more. Hence it is critical that you secure your website with solutions which will back up and provide security to your data and website.

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Our Cloud-based backup solutions are very efficient. Instead of having to manage your backups yourself and ensure they’re properly stored, the entire process happens automatically behind the scenes, and your site’s files and folders are stored securely on a remote server. You also don’t have to worry about the maintenance or physical protection of your data storage devices as well. All of this is taken care of by us.

One of the biggest benefits of using our security and backup service is being able to restore your site to a previous version in an instant. With quick website recovery and data restoration times it’ll be like your site never took any damage in the first place. With a solid website backup solution behind you and an experienced web hosting provider to rely on, you’ll protect the future of your site from any risks that are lurking online.

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Over 10 years we have helped our clients craft their digital presence with the reliable technical support, website management, and on-going consulting.