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Our Philosophy

As Digital PR agency in Kochi, Kerala the main focus of J4web is to help you with Online PR . This includes planning & execution, strategic communication, risk mitigating PR, corporate communication focused on your targeted groups. This in turn will help you reap the benefits of public relation and content marketing. We deliver different PR assignment in digital space like General Communications PR, Health Communications PR, Integrated Marketing Communications, Media Relations, Crisis Management and more.

In present world when online medias are part of the brand practice, you have to promote your company by targeting the right audience. Digital PR includes corporate communication, strategic communication, content promotion, employee engagement, brand promotion. If done effectively it will increase the brand image. Understanding your audience is critical if your PR efforts are going to bring in the desired results.

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Our Digital PR services will help you in branding, organic promotion, lead generation and to attract your target audience. Accordingly you can take decision to shape your business and organization. We do our research and apply what we learn in the digital space to better your chances of keeping your brand in the spotlight.

Our digital PR has the added benefit of integrating the PR contents with SEO, as a link building service to improve organic visibility of your website. These measurable, digital tactics provide clients with tangible results and insight. Our highly creative PR Team has experience not only in public relations, but also in SEO. This enables them to create integrated digital PR campaigns with remarkable results. Our expertise stretches across sectors including travel, healthcare, education, HR, business and more.

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With Digital PR you can create and build brand awareness for your business.

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As a digital marketing company, our digital PR services are the right combination of PR activities mixed with SEO expertise. Our main focus is to help our clients benefit from their online coverage. Our research generates organic backlinks which strengthen visibility and builds brand awareness. From sourcing data, to conducting surveys and designing powerful graphics, our end goal is to engage the customers with the right content at the right time in the right medium.

Finely tuned and perfected, we offer one of the finest Digital PR outreach services available making sure the content we create for our clients is seen, published and reaches the prospects. By putting your brand in powerful places, we increase brand awareness, drive engagement and boost your SEO rankings.

With extensive experience within the PR industry, we know how to make the biggest impact amongst the audience in the most effective way.

Our Trusted Clients

Over 10 years we have helped our clients craft their digital presence with the reliable technical support, website management, and on-going consulting.